Mustela Limited EditionNovember 2018

3 new friends for your chldren, 3 ambassadors for the planet! Three colorful characters, Vincent the elephant, Phillip the sheep and Abigail the whale come to embody the first Mustela limited editions for 0 to 6 years old.

As funny as they are adorable, these three animals will become precious allies for parents to turn the rituals of care into moments of play and complicity. And because it is never too early to instill good values in children, these three ambassadors for the planet will educate young and less young about the protection of the environment, a cause for which Mustela gives the greatest importance.


Mustela, a committed brand
If Vincent, Phillip and Abigail, are ambassadors for the protection of the environment, it is because Mustela gives the greatest importance to it.


Protection of Biodiversity

We multiply actions in favor of the protection of biodiversity: implementation of a responsible sourcing policy for natural ingredients that we use in our products, protection of local know-how related to the plants we use, development of biodegradable cleansing foaming formulas* to prevent contamination of water and harm biodiversity.


Preservation of Resources 

We are commited in a process of continuous reduction of our environmental impacts, by reducing our water consumption, by favoring renewable energy but also by supplying us with avocados that do not match the export standards and making sure to use 100% of the fruit, from the peel to the pit.


Waste Management 

We are committed to reduce by 50% our waste on our production site in Epernon in France, by 2020. We have removed all notices and we remove boxes when it is possible, so we saved 120 tons of plastic and 65 tons of cardboard since 2013.


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