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Baby Oil

Our Baby massage oil with avocado oil is composed of 99% of natural ingredients. It offers a relaxing moment of well-being alongside hydrating and soothing benefits. Its texture penetrates easily and leaves a protective film on the skin. Gentle enough for newborns*. *Babies out of NICU

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  • 99% d'ingr├ędient d'origine naturelle
    99% ingr├ędients d'origine naturelle
  • Dermatologist_tested_EN
    Dermatologist tested
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    Ingredient safety policy
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    Made in France
Proven efficacy

Proven efficacy

The baby massage can be fun with our massage oil with avocado oil. Due to its soothing and hydrating abilities, it can be used for newborns* too. The bottle can be recycled. Moreover, its base ingredient avocado oil can help recover the skin's hydrolipidic layer. Furthermore, its formula is vegan. *Infants **No animal-sourced ingredients ***Sorted according to French standards.

*Babies out of NICU

For safety and guaranteed effectiveness, our products are manufactured with the guidance of health professionals and have passed over than 450 measures and tests

Proven by science

98% of parents find that their baby's skin is soft and hydrated after use(1).

95% of parents find that the oil helps to massage(1).

Clinically proven effectiveness.
(1)Use test conducted under the control of a dermatologist, a pediatrician and midwives, on 42 children, including infants under 3 months, over 4 weeks (parents' self-assessment).

  • Leaves the baby and child's skin moisturized and soft: 98% agree(2).

(2)Use test conducted under dermatological, pediatric and midwife control on 42 children, including infants under 3 months, over 4 weeks (self-assessment).

How to use
How to use

This bottle is specifically designed for delivering the right amount of oil.

Gather the oil in your hand. Massage the baby's body with it. A kiss on the cheeks would cheer the baby up!

Tips of use


Safe for Mom and Baby

Mustela is committed to safety first and foremost as we know there is nothing more precious than your baby.

To ensure the safety of our products, all Mustela products are developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, based on scientific research.

Safe for mom & baby

Our Avocado oil recovers and gives protection to your baby's breakable hydrolipidic layer.

It is mixed with:
For the hydration of skin, protective vegetable oils (pomegranate seed oil and sunflower oil) is used

The formula contains 99% natural origin ingredients.
The 1% left is for a pleasant texture and lifelong preservation of the formula.

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