Kensington Mums are Turning 7!November 2018

1. It’s such a monumental event for you with Kensington Mums turning 7 years old. Running an online blog must have had its highs and lows. What’s been one of your most memorable moments and biggest challenges?

I am always grateful for the Mums that make our community, without their support, Kensington Mums wouldn't be where it is today. So thank you. Memorable moments, is to connect with amazing mothers who have become friends too along the way and meeting so many international mothers too. Challenges in running your own business and finding the button to switch off!


2. How did Kensington Mums come about? We would love to know the story behind the blog.
I suffered from PND when I had my baby and found it hard to find and to connect with like minded Mums. We would attend baby groups, rhyme time at the library for 45min and then everyone would go their own way. As a new mum, I remember feeling very lonely and down. So when I had my second baby, I decided to create an online platform for mothers and thats really how Kensington Mums was born, out of passion to connect like minded mums together, to help empower and inspire their motherhood journey.

3. Have you got any exciting Christmas events coming up that our community would love to know about?
We are celebrating our 7th birthday dinner on 29th of November 2018. It will be over some Lebanese food, wine and great company. Everyone attending will receive a VIP goody bag as a thank you. We hope you can join us, its a great way to glam up, meet and mingle with the local community. Dads are welcome too!


4. What do you love most about Kensington?
Love the abundance of parks and Museums we have. Not sure what we would do without them. So many lovely family friendly restaurants too. I love Holland Park, I used to go there as a kid, playing and running with friends so now naturally I love seeing my kids play there, brings joy to my heart.


5. What advice would you give to first time mums?
When they used to tell me sleep when baby sleeps, I never listened to them- but now I wish I did! Enjoy every moments with your little ones, as they are only little for a short while (minus the sleepless nights off course :)) Always trust your mother's instinct.


6. Lastly, what’s next for Kensington Mums?
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