Sleeping properly during pregnancy

Sleep during pregnancy

  • As a general rule, the average amount of sleep is 8 hours a night. Each night is divided into 4 to 6 sleep cycles, each of which lasts for approximately an hour and a half.
  • During pregnancy, your sleep pattern changes:In the first trimester, sleep is virtually normal and may even increase.
    • Do not over exert yourself, even if you feel completely well.
    • In the event of difficulties, you may adapt your work pattern in accordance with your company.In the third trimester, sleep becomes lighter and less restorative and you wake up more often during the night.
    • You may find it more difficult to find a comfortable position for sleeping: you may feel tension in the ligaments when lying on your side, and discomfort in the pubis area, abdomen and the top of the thighs.
    • Cramps or itching may aggravate this situation because they often occur at night (in this case, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or midwife).
  •  Poor sleep may have the following consequences:
    • Feeling unwell or tired throughout the day.
    • Stress or irritability.


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