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Atopic-prone skin

STELATOPIA® Cleansing Oil

Stelatopia cleansing oil smoothly cleanses and replenishes your baby's skin. Also, it cures irritation and tightness. Moreover, it is used for very dry to atopic-prone skin and it comes with zero fragrance.

Thus, leaving a lifelong protective layer on the baby's skin. This oil contains 98% natural origin ingredients which include sunflower oil distillate, which is known for its nourishing properties. Also, it is used for atopy-prone skin. Furthermore, it eases irritation, tightness, and tingling sensations.

Pump-dispenser bottle 500ml


  • 98% ingredients of natural origin
    98% ingredients of natural origin
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    Ingredient safety policy
  • Dermatologist_tested_EN
    Dermatologist tested
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    Made in France
Proven efficacy

Proven efficacy

While washing your child who has dry to atopic-prone skin, it is natural to try stop skin stress. Our cleansing oil is specially designed to ease and take care of your baby's skin. Our cleansing oil compensates for the drying effect of hard water due to its oily texture that protects the baby's skin with a protective layer forming. Also, our oil has the capability of easy wash off which can be used as a bath oil too while taking bath.

The product is made in our Epernon factory located in France. The active ingredient is extracted from sunflower seeds which are hand-picked from France. For the guarantee of complete safety for infants, our products are manufactured with the approval of health professionals and also tested on dry skins. It is necessary for each product to pass at least 450 tests and measures.

Proven by science

Clinically proven effectiveness:

• Gently cleans the skin: 95%(1).

• Soothes the sensations of skin discomfort and tightness: 89%(2).

• Compensates for the drying effect of hard water: 77%(1).

• After use, the skin is more supple, smooth and comfortable: 83%(1).

(1) Clinical study conducted under dermatological and pediatric control on 61 babies during 22 days (self-assessment). (2) Clinical study conducted under dermatological and pediatric control on 49 babies with extremely dry skin during 22 days (self-assessment).

  • Gently cleans the skin: 95%(2a).
  • Soothes the sensations of discomfort and tightness: 89%(2b).
  • Replenishes the skin: 93%(2b).
  • Mitigates the drying effects of bathing: 77%(2a).
  • Leaves the skin more supple, smooth and comfortable: 83%(2a).

(2)Clinical study conducted under dermatological and pediatric control on 61 babies including 49 with extremely dry skin over 22 days (self-assessment: a. 61 subjects and b. 49 subjects).

How to use
How to use

The required amount of oil can be attained in a single push using our pump bottle. It is applicable both on body and hair Steps for using:

1. Drop the oil into your hand by pressing the pump.

2. Apply on the baby's skin or pour it into the bath tub.

3. By smooth massage, wash the baby's body gently.

*Avoid rubbing while drying your baby's skin which would affect their skin and use a clean cotton towel.

How to use


Safe for Mom and Baby

Mustela is committed to safety first and foremost as we know there is nothing more precious than your baby.

To ensure the safety of our products, all Mustela products are developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, based on scientific research.

Safe for mom & baby
Sunflower atopic-prone skin Mustela

The sunflower oil distillate is the base ingredient of our Stelatopia products. Due to its life-long soothing properties, and its capability of activating the skin's refreshing process, the sunflower oil distillate was chosen. The fattiest acid components of the oil are extracted from the French organically farmed sunflower seeds. The process is done in our own factory which is located in the Fur-et-Loire region in France in the formula, avocado Peresose® (shea butter and natural origin glycerine) is added to improve the hydrating capabilities of the product.

Guaranteed safety from birth on:
Dermatologist tested.
The formula consists of 98% natural origin ingredients. The 2% left shows the ingredients that are added to the formula due to its high-tolerance properties and for lifelong protection of the formula. High skin and eye tolerance.

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