Multi-purpose healing cream for your little onesJune 2020

Baby’s life is full of itches and ouches…
These inevitable skin adventures often lead to irritated or sore skin. Explore our littles boo-boo product; a product that will quickly and safely deliver a soothing relief to your baby skin with 91% of ingredients from natural origin.

The Essentials:
- Suitable for babies, children and adults.
- Made with 91% ingredients of natural origin.
- Fragrance-free.
- Non-greasy or sticky.
- The tube has a nozzle for easier application.

How Can This Cica Cream Help Me?
Mustela is a baby skincare brand, but no matter how old you are, Cicastella is ideal if naturality is important to you. As well as healing and repairing, this cica cream won’t sting or irritate sensitive areas; it purifies, calms and soothes.
The innovative patent, avocado perseose is a natural ingredient that works in harmony with the skin to preserve skin cells. Cicastella also supports the development of the skin’s barrier from birth onwards.
How To Use It:
You’re able to use this cream on children from birth onwards. Apply no more than twice daily to clean and dry affected areas (including around the mouth, red patches, skin folds and the nappy area). Do not apply to any areas of skin that are oozing and if there is no change in skin condition, consult your doctor.




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