A complete list of ingredients is available on the packaging of every Mustela product, as well as on each product page on this site by clicking on the "Ingredients & Naturalness" thumbnail.

We chose to exclude alcohol (or ethanol) from our formulas because it is very harsh on the hydrolipidic film which protects the skin and may lead to skin dryness.

While it may be used in some cosmetic products, it is not suitable for the sensitive skin of babies and pregnant women.

All of Mustela products for babies are formulated whithout phthalates, both in terms of the actual skin care product itself as well as its packaging.

In the same way, all the promotional objects made of plastic that Mustela gives to its customers (toilet bags, small toys for children, etc.) are free from phthalates.

Questionable preservatives such as parabens or phenoxyéthanol are excluded from Mustela formulas.

Some Mustela ranges, such as the Stelaprotect range for intolerant skin, are formulated whithout any preservatives and packed in airless packaging to preserve the formulas from contamination.

In spite of all our efforts to develop perfectly safe and well-tolerated products, some skins are more reactive than others and may exceptionally have undesirable effects. In this case, you should contact our consumer service department

You will very quickly be reminded by an independent professional specialist of cosmetovigilance . He will try to determine with you the reason for this intolerance and will ask you to return the product that has caused a reaction in order to begin an in-depth analysis. Effectively, we take any undesirable effect that is reported to us very seriously indeed and when it occurs, the incriminated products are immediately analysed to check their compliance.

Every one of our products has a lot number guaranteeing its traceability: we can thus go back over the entire production chain right back to raw materials, even after several years

Firstly, we only select substances that have been approved by European regulations and we give priority to natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin. Today the Mustela Bébé range contains 92% of ingredients of natural origin on average.

Before entering into the composition of one of our skin care products, the ingredients must also prove their harmlessness and their efficacy. A committee of specialists determines the most suitable components in relation to the specificities of babies’ skin, both healthy skin and problem skin, pregnant women’s skin and young mothers’ skin, notably when they are breastfeeding.

If all the safety conditions are met we choose, in priority, natural origin ingredients. In addition, we guarantee that all our formulae are hypoallergenic.

For the greatest possible transparency, full details of our product compositions are available on every product page, by clicking on “Ingredients & Naturalness” thumbnail.

A complete list of ingredients is available on the packaging of every Mustela product, as well as on each product data sheet on this site by clicking on the "Ingredients & Naturalness" thumbnail.

"Cyclopentasiloxane is used in Stelatopia balm and emollient cream products to ensure their effectiveness and rapid relief of babies and children with atopic skin. This ingredient is sometimes questioned because it can contain, under certain conditions of manufacture, traces of cyclotetrasiloxane, an ingredient with harmful effects for men and the environment.
Mustela guarantees the use of cyclopentasiloxane of controlled quality."

"Petrolatum (also known as paraffinum liquidum or mineral oil) is the international cosmetic name for paraffin. This ingredient is sometimes questioned because it can contain harmful impurities if its manufacture is poorly controlled.
Mustela has chosen to keep it only in Stelatopia cares dedicated to atopic skin because of its emollient properties and ""barrier effect"" unmatched until now by any other ingredient. We only select pharmaceutical quality paraffin that guarantees the purity and safety of this ingredient."

"Fragrances are sometimes questioned because they can contain allergenic substances for 1 to 2% of the population.
Mustela has chosen a fragrance formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Out of 40 million Mustela products sold worldwide each year, no case of allergy to Mustela fragrance has been recorded for more than 60 years.

Nevertheless, if you want to use products without fragrance, you can choose to use Mustela Very sensitive skin products"

Ho"We have 3 main criteria to select our ingredients: safety, efficiency and pleasure of use.
We have a specific formulation charter that goes beyond the European cosmetic regulation:
- rigorous selection of each ingredient under the supervision of a panel of scientific experts and validated by an independent toxicologist expert (origin, purity, safety)
- priority to ingredients of natural origin
- red list of ingredients that we forbid (see the list - hyperlink)"

Our formulation charter excludes aluminum salts.
To find out more about our ingredients selection criteria and our commitments, we invite you to consult the ""Ingredients"" section in ""Our commitments"".

Bio label is one of the ways to guarantee a high naturalness in products, the presence of ingredients from organic farming, traceability of ingredients and respect for the environment, evaluated by an accredited third party .
At Mustela we have made the choice to give priority to natural ingredients that have proven their tolerance and effectiveness (95% natural ingredients on average in our Baby / Child ranges *). We have also made the choice to source for our own active ingredients from responsible plant supply chains under the control of UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade). UEBT periodically assesses ethical sourcing practices for plant-based active ingredients that we produce.
* Excluding seasonal references


No, we do not have carcinogenic substance in Mustela products. There is a classification of ingredients that carry a carcinogenic risk established under the control of the health authorities and Mustela prohibits the use of these ingredients in all its products.

Fragrances help make our products smell nice. Mustela® pays special attention to developing sensorial textures and delicate fragrances that enrich skincare routines without skimping on safety, so as to create moments of well-being, stimulation, pleasure and deep feeling.
The safety of Mustela products has been our top priority for over 65 years.

No, we don't use this ingredient in our products.

Mustela products are not made with essential oils.

Non opened, Mustela products are most effective between 24 and 36 months from their date of manufacture. After the opening we advise you to use our products before the expiration date shown on each product's packaging by this logo (see the pictogram)  

To ensure that your Mustela skin care products keep well we recommend that you close them properly after use and not transfer them to any other container

In order to guarantee optimum safety to users, cosmetic products are rigorously controlled by regulations that are common to European Union as a whole and frequently updated in accordance with scientific advancements and technologies. These regulations define, notably, lists of banned substances (more than 1300) and the substances subject to restrictions.

Once the cosmetic products are commercialised they are once again subjected to controls by the laboratories through a cosmetovigilance process and by the health autorities. At any moment they can be investigated in the event of a problem, and be taken off the market.

Mustela is regularly subjected to controls and collaborates closely with the authorities on each and every occasion.

Mustela develops its products in strict accordance with the cosmetic regulations. In addition to these regulatory requirements, we have our own specific rules in order to guarantee the perfect harmlessness of our products.

First, a committee of experts (toxicologists, pharmacists, and chemists) selects the ingredients in our formulas for their high tolerance.

Next, we focus particularly to the conservative capacity of our products. Indeed, they are used in the warm and wet environment of bathrooms, which fosters the development of bacteria and mold. Each product integrates the safer and best adjusted conservation mode for its intended skin's type.

Finally, before their launch on the market our products have been tested many times to ensure their efficacy, harmlessness and  security.

By choosing Mustela, you can be sure to enjoy safe and effective products week after week.

No, we do not test our products on animals. As part of our innovation and continuous improvement process, we have used alternative methods to assess our raw materials and end products for several years. In line with this strategy, our researchers have developed a new procedure for reconstituting the epidermis of a newborn infant and child in the laboratory to test the tolerance factor and effectiveness of Mustela products without having to resort to animal testing.

We have always given top priority to ingredients of natural origin and source most of the active principles and ingredients used in our products from the plant world. Mustela Bébé products now contain on average 92% ingredients of natural origin, and up to 99% for some products.
However, some ingredients are essential to the preservation, stability and sensory qualities of our products, and for which no alternative exists in nature. Some ingredients of natural origin are not compatible with our high standards of efficiency and safety, or are unpleasant to use. In this case, we use synthetic ingredients assessed by key health authorities and approved by regulatory authorities, which have been proven to be effective and safe for even the most delicate skin.
Dermatologically-tested under pediatric supervision, all of our products have a high-tolerance factor and are guaranteed hypoallergenic*.

*Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction.

We only use carefully-selected substances in our products to guarantee the safest ingredients for you and your baby, while protecting the environment. All of our product formulations are free from alcohol, essential oils, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, GMO plant extracts, aluminium chlorohydrate, ingredients of animal origin (except beehives, purified lanolin and milk products), terpenes (camphor, menthol and eucalyptus) and triclosan.

To learn more, visit the Mustela and natural products page or download the definition of natural products applied to Laboratoires Expanscience’s dermo-cosmetic products.

At every stage of development begnning with sourcing raw plant materials, product design and development, production, marketing and end of product life, we do everything possible to limit the impact on the environment. We have applied this strategy as part of our continuous improvement process for several years. For example, all Mustela bottles are recyclable, our cartons are made from paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests, and Mustela Bébé foam formulations are biodegradable.

If you’d like to know more about our commitment to sustainable development, take a look at the Mustela product lifecycle.

To develop the safest and most effective products for your baby, our researchers need to know the specific characteristics and needs of your baby’s skin. By reconstituting the epidermis of a baby and young child in our laboratories, our teams gain an in-depth knowledge of the skin, its cells and genes, to better understand its physiology and development. This is the world’s first patented epidermis of its kind and only Laboratoires Expanscience’s Mustela researchers are able to perform these experiments. We also use reconstituted epidermises to test the effectiveness and tolerance factor of our products with a high level of precision and reliability.

All of the products in the Mustela Maternite range were specially designed for pregnant women or young mothers, including when they are nursing. They have undergone tests and assessments aimed at ensuring the absence of any risk for the foetus during pregnancy and for the baby during breast-feeding. You can therefore use them safely during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

We recommend that you use Mustela Maternite Body Firming Gel for at least one month after the birth.

Applied daily with light massages on the areas concerned (tummy, hips, thighs, etc.) this skincare will help restore your skin’s firmness and remodel your figure.

Yes: formulated without alcohol and without caffeine, based on natural active ingredients, Mustela Maternite Bust Firming Serum skincare is compatible with breastfeeding*.

However, you should follow your usual hygiene routine, such as taking a shower every day.

*Rules of hygiene should be followed before breastfeeding: on a clean nipple.

Stretch marks may form during pregnancy, but also after the birth due to the major hormone rebalancing which takes place at that time.

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks as much as possible, it is therefore recommended that you continue the application of yourskincare for one month after the birth

If you would like to know more about this subject, please consult our expert’s file on stretch marks.

During pregnancy, a sensation of heaviness in the legs is very common: more than one in three women suffer from this.

This phenomenon is particularly frequent towards the end of the pregnancy and during very hot weather.

It is caused by the slowing of the blood circulation and increased blood pressure in the veins of the legs.

To relieve this problem we advise you to massage your legs with Mustela Maternite Light Legs Gel: you will immediately regain a sensation of freshness and comfort and  lasting relief thanks to the unique combination of the elastoregulator and natural active ingredients.

If you would like to know more on this subject, please consult our expert’s file on tired or heavy legs.