Mustela blogging reviews

Curious about the efficacy of Mustela products? Don’t just take our experts’ words for it; have a look at just a few of the many mothers and mothers-to-be that have used and enjoyed Mustela products for themselves and their children.

Mustela: Safe care for your baby

What could be more important than safety in choosing products for baby? Nothing could be more important for mothers, of course, and safety is an absolute priority at Mustela. With formulas suited perfectly to the skin, particularly exacting safety protocols, and optimal product preservation, Mustela leaves nothing to chance when it comes to providing you with 100% safe products.

Keeping baby’s skin well hydrated and protected


Could anything be softer than a baby’s skin? What mum doesn’t love to caress her little one’s skin, covering it with kisses? That silky softness that we adore also signals the immaturity of the skin barrier, however; that is why proper daily moisturising is essential for strengthening and protecting baby’s skin.


Mustela and Merci Maman's Mothers' Day Competition


Celebrate your mother, friend, partner or daughter this Mothers' Day and give them the gift of a beautiful, customisable necklace and some Mustela goodies. Our Mothers' Day Competition now over!

9 golden rules for choosing a childminder

As maternity leave comes to an end, many parents choose a childminder to look after their baby. But how do you find the right one? Check out our tips to help you find that one-in-a-million person who will be able to look after your little one (almost) as well as you!