Stretch marks - what the experts say

Treating stretch marks that have already appeared

As with any scar, stretch marks subside over time, but they never fully disappear. However, proper care and treatment can help you make them more discreet:

  • Dermo-cosmetic products specifically formulated for fully-formed stretch marks can help you to improve and lesson their appearance.
  • If your stretch marks are very visible and/or unpleasant to you, a laser treatment might be recommended. Alone or in combination with dermo-cosmetic products, in some cases laser treatment can result in a significant reduction in the appearance of recent (purplish) or older (white) stretch marks. Ask your doctor for advice.
  • In all cases, never expose your stretch marks to the sun without sun protection of a very high SPF; you risk causing irreversible pigmentation effects that would render them more visible and even more unsightly.



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